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In 7 Months the Yorkshire Terrier Puppy will weigh 20 times more than its birth weight!

The development of the skeleton requires considerable protein and mineral amounts, with exactly the right level of calcium.
Rapid growth

Helps cover the requirements of a short and intense growth period due to its’ high fat content and optimal provision of proteins. Contributes towards correct mineralisation of the skeleton via its’ appropriate provision of calcium and phosphorus.
Ensures optimal digestive safety and helps reduce volume of stools.
During the first weeks of life, the puppy benefits from maternally transmitted antibodies, but this protection is lost between 4 and 12 weeks of age. With its own immune system still immature, the puppy is then exposed to the risk of infection. A specifically formulated diet can assist the puppy during this “immunity gap”.

Strong Natural Defences

Helps maintain a young Yorkshire Terrier puppy’s natural defences.

Recommended Daily Quantities (g/day)
Yorkshire Terrier 29
A taylor-made nutritional program
Age in Months 2kg 3kg 4kg
2 50 65 80
3 55 75 90
4 55 75 95
6 55 75 95
8 55 75 90
10 55 70 90
The milk teeth, which appear at around 3 weeks, are replaced by the adult dentition at around 7 months. From then on it is important to encourage the puppy to crunch its food before swallowing, not only to slow down the speed of ingestion, but also to encourage good oral hygiene.

The transition to solid food demands great care, because the puppy is unable to assimilate large quantities of food or to digest starch.

Enhanced Digestive Safety