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treated as such, and not a possession.

Yorkshire Terriers will give you many years of joy, love, and devotion in return for the nurturing of a loving home environment they deserve.

My number one goal is to raise healthy Kennel Union of South Africa certified purebred Yorkie puppies that will find happy and loving places in the lives of my customers across South Africa. At any given time my home is full with the joy that a litter of Yorkies bring. Lovemore Yorkies strive to breed healthy purebred Yorkshire terriers. My obligation does not stop when you buy one of my Yorkshire terrier puppy dogs. I will be here for as long as you
need me. I am dedicated to my yorkies and to the families that adopt a yorkie puppy from me. The Lovemore Yorkies little treasures are definitely not kennel dogs, they get all the love, devotion and attention they deserve living in the house with us as  members of the family.

Please take the time to research your yorkie breeder and to research the reputation of the person you are buying your Yorkshire terrier puppy from. My website is full of information to help before purchasing your new yorkie puppy.

All my Yorkies are certified and registered with  KUSA (Kennel Union of South Africa).
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Lovemore Yorkies are proud Yorkshire Terrier Breeders located in Port Elizabeth offering beautiful Yorkie Puppies, since 2002.

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most delightful breeds, they are alert, intelligent, high spirited, very inquisitive and adventurous. Yorkies are wonderful for the person lacking space to the person looking for a loving friend. They're full of character and they can be wonderful with children.

Yorkies can live as long as 15+ years depending on many factors such as health and care. Dog ownership is not to be taken lightly, it's a very long commitment. They should be thought of as family members, and